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Lamont Marcell Jacobs

Absolute Excellence. That is what unites Purnell, the brand with the World’s Fastest Double Triple-Axis Tourbillon, and Marcell Jacobs, Europe’s Fastest Man in competition.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Gold Medallist (100m)

Jacobs rapidly ascended to fame when he ran a 9.80 record time for the men’s 100m finale at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which landed him the top spot on the podium that year.

In light of the partnership, Purnell is introducing a collection of 9 pieces personally designed by Marcell Jacobs: the Escape II 18K White Gold Marcell Jacobs Edition.

Adorned in a 48mm 18K White Gold case, Purnell’s Caliber P03 with the World’s Fastest Double Triple-Axis Tourbillon comes set with 304 brilliant-cut diamonds.

Cobra photo of Escape II 18K White Gold - Marcell Jacobs Limited Edition

4 baguette-cut diamonds and 7 baguette-cut onyx precious stones are half-bezel set in 18K White Gold, which is then fixed on a smoked sapphire dial to enhance the pure, monochromatic design behind the collaboration.

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As a nod to Jacobs’ tremendous journey to becoming one of the top athletes in his field, the hour index that would typically be at 10 o’clock is a purple baguette-cut sapphire that has been moved to 9 o’clock as a nod to the sub-10 second 100m mark that distinguishes a track star as a champion.