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Spherion: World’s Fastest Triple-Axis Tourbillon

“The power of the Spherion movement is unrivalled in this industry, it is tantamount to a highspeed Formula 1 car racing at 400km/h without needing a pit stop.”

– Maurizio Mazzocchi, CEO of Purnell

Over 220 years since the invention of the tourbillon, the Spherion is the mechanism’s biggest leap forward

Purnell’s master watchmaker, Eric Coudray: inventor of the Spherion movement. Winner of the Prix Gaïa 2012 for his total and innovative mastery of watchmaking and skill, turning what was previously thought impossible into a technical masterpiece.

The World’s Fastest Triple-Axis Tourbillon.

Escape Primo 18K Rose Gold tourbillon

Torque: 32 newton millimeters

  • On average in watchmaking: 11 newton millimeters
  • Made of titanium, weighing 0.79562g
  • 15 days to manufacture & 10 days to assemble

Dance of Diamonds

In another feat unparalleled in watchmaking, Purnell has achieved a dance of diamonds.

  • The World’s Only Diamond-set Triple-Axis Tourbillon
  • 152 diamonds (or precious stones) expertly set on the external cage of the Spherion